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What Is Medicare Part D?

Part D-IRMAA is for drugs and how to get them for free. Well, other than the premium that varies depending on the plan, and the surcharge based on your income level for the Part D plan.

Oh! And the yearly deductible for your drugs. The yearly deductible could not go higher than $360.00 back in 2016. Some Medicare drug plans have no deductible!

Remember there is also the Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)  and a Medicare Cost Plan that can help with drugs.

 If you are going to want Part D in the future be sure to sign up for it when you become illegible because otherwise you will have a Part D enrollment penalty.

You pay Part D directly to Medicare not your employer.

Here are the income levels and the bill for Part D

With Part D - here is what you should pay in 2017
Generic drug Brand Name Drug
$3.30 $8.25
Yearly income - up to - for 2016
$17,820.00 single $24,030.00 married
$13,640.00 single $27,250.00

It will change for 2017 so look for the changes as the years go on.