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Cut High Price On Drugs

President Obama recently had a budget proposal that call for action!

"The administration is deeply concerned with the rapidly growing prices of specialty and brand name drugs,"

Although it is not currently part of the affordable care act many Americans want Medicare to get a better deal with drug companies especially for the most expensive drugs.

Wicked Expensive!

Some such as the Hepatitis drug called Sovaldi have a $84,000 price tag and most people can't afford it.

The Affordable Care Act has no intentions as of now to go after the drug manufacturers for a better price on the whole but some drugs and biologics are really out there price wise.

When you know that you could be saved from dying by taking a pill once a day and can't get the pill, it is a real issue to try to resolve.

No-one wants to die

Just because they can't afford medicine. So our government needs to get involved in the negotiations for these life saving drugs and make them affordable for the large majority of people who are citizens of the United States... also for foreign residents.

Price cuts would, say the drug companies, cut their budget for research on new life saving drugs.

That may be so to an extent but they are already earning a ton of money from their product and do have room to be fair on prices and still do major research.

What is the point?

There is no point in having the life saving drugs available at exorbitant prices that are not affordable to the 99% of the population just to feed the huge salaries that the CEO's are getting... think about it.