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The Author

Roger Chartier

I was born at an early age... sometime back in 1950.

I live in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and I am married to Hui-Ling Chen.

A lot of my time has been spent studying and writing.

I have been creating websites since January 24, 2000.

This is my occupation besides being a professional entertainer - singing and playing guitar since 1965.

I have a private pilots license and I have traveled extensively in the music business and for pleasure. I also owned a large sound and lighting company and a nightclub.


I became interested in Medicare as a subject for me to study when I realized that I would need to have it one day.

There have been a lot of changes that have happened with Medicare and the use and abuse of it.

These changes can cause an affect in our lives and we should know what to do if and when they occur.

I like to understand the situations that I will be facing, and to be prepared ahead of time for any problems that might arise.

We all should.